torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

Winner 2012

Picture from here.

Finally, my second camp nanowrimo, sci-fi novel named "Arethean tyttäret" is wrapped up! I'm on finish line in 30 days and 50 842 words later. It's over. I'm done! This time it was a huge relief because I was most of the time so tired and exhausted of writing a book. First I thought that it could be so cool to write two novels in one summer but it was a big mistake, I can tell. A person can do a certain amount of work if it's business or pleasure, it doesn't matter, efforts are the same. You have a strength and courage to do it you think. But it was so hard to find them in me this time. I was so pissed off of my writing in August! I felt like it was some kind of punishment or bad karma hitting hard. But I didn't fell and I wrote like a maniac (which I am by the way) and rose again to my own two feet and run through it. And now it's over, until next November, lol!

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